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Thanks to a grant from the Department of Education, the Delaware Valley University Bookstore continues to expands it's textbook rental program each semester.

Why Rent?

Cost!!!   Textbooks will rent for  as little as 35% of the price of a new book.  Books that are required for 2 semesters (i.e.  Accounting 1&2, Biology 1&2, Chemistry 1&2, etc) will rent for 54% of the price of the new book and will be available for the entire academic year.

What are the disadvantages of the Rental Program?

Your rental books are property of the Delaware Valley University Bookstore!  When the semester is done you must return your rental to the Bookstore, or your student account will be billed for the replacement cost of a new textbook.

Why isn’t my textbook available to rent?

Unfortunately, not every book meets the rental criteria that have been established.  Courses with large enrollments, a higher than average price, and an anticipated shelf life (before moving to a new edition) of at least 2 years are the most likely books to be available for rent.  Books available for rental will appear on the bookstore website with new, used and rental prices.

How do I rent a book?

Textbook rental requests can be either be placed online at this website OR ordered right in the store. We do our best to process online orders within 24 hours, and during RUSH at the beginning of the semester within 48 hours of order.

After your initial visit to the site (be sure to create a login and password FIRST) go to “Order Textbooks”. Simply select your class and add the rental book to your shopping cart. When you are done renting/purchasing proceed to checkout.

If you are having your books mailed to you, we will either fax or e-mail you a contract which must be signed and returned to us before your books are mailed. Please realize that we process each online order as it comes in. Allow ample time after you have placed your order before calling to check and see if your order is on the way to you.

Rental books must be returned by the due date as specified on your contract.  We are not responsible for lost rental textbooks returned to us via any shipping method.


Students must have a valid student ID or current Drivers License AND a valid credit card or  an ADDED FLEX / RAM DOLLARS  account with sufficient funds.